Badgerhammer is an independent game studio based in Derby, UK.

Early History

Here at Badgerhammer we’ve been making games for blue chip clients since 2002. We started out as a couple of flash creatives/coders back when it was fashionable to be an all-rounder. After working in some top London agencies whilst living in Brighton, the commute took its toll and we decided to go it alone. Most of our time was spent making banner ads (making virtually all the online ads for Betfair during its initial 3 years), but when possible we would encourage our clients to make games. That’s where our passion was. Eventually it paid off and we got to make a game for our all time dream client LEGO.

Making other people's games for a living

Over the next few years we made games for Nickelodeon, The Times, Channel 5, Texaco, Postman Pat (to mention a few) and picked up a few awards on the way. Concluding on a 5 year stint working almost exclusively for LEGO City making web and eventually mobile games. All the time we continued to keep our own projects rolling on the backburner, including Thunderblocks, Hotfoot Hills and Idioctopus.


With changing priorities like family, travel and shifts in work trends, we stopped working for commercial clients as Badgerhammer but continue to make indie projects in our free time.


  • Dunk Dunk
  • Idioctopus
  • Lego(R) City Rapid Rescue
  • Lego(R) City Spotlight Robbery
  • Lego(R) City Firehose Frenzy
  • Thunderblocks






Nick Gripton


Nick Holder






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